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20th July: Schools Out...

Well my GCSE'S are finally over and I now have 11 weeks holiday! It's been a tough couple of months but I'm glad it's now finally over and I can play ponies all summer...

The week after exams I attended Cheshire county show where me and Gambler were crowned Novice M&M WHP champions giving me my first ever win at a county show on home turf. It was a long hot day and the flies were horrendous but one product that helped me through the day was Lincoln fly repellent. The powerful long lasting formula made it so my horse wasn't getting 'eaten alive' by pesky horseflies and midges. I found this spray highly effective throughout the day making it so my horse was more comfortable and less irritated while in the ring. The spray made no effects to my horses coat and made it so he still looked shiny and ready for the ring, this is a bonus as I have known for some fly sprays to dry and make the coat of the horse the dull, ultimately not giving them that finished show ring look. Has this ever happened to you? Due to the fly spray being powerful not much of it is needed so the solution is very long lasting, being well worth the money. This repellent spray contains DEET and the new generation fly repellent PMD, making it stronger than other fly sprays.

The bottle I used (1L) also contained both direct and indirect squirt nozzle, making it so I could get it onto all parts of my horses directly, without missing patches. This was also a great feature as one of my horses doesn't like being sprayed so the indirect, wider nozzle covered his body in less sprays without irritating him to much. This is a must have item to have during the summer months and fly season.


13th March: Tumeric in focus

Well what an exciting few weeks I've had. Getting my mock results back was way more nerve wracking than I was anticipating but I survived... thankfully! And selling my horse Remy was very sad however he's gone to a fantastic home and will be representing Great Britain in para dressage in time to come. Onto this blogs topic  - Turmeric
Over the last few years Turmeric has been coming increasingly popular for a horse supplement. The natural remedy has proven to be beneficial in more ways than one. Providing support to the health of the joints, skin, digestive system and liver. Sounds amazing don't you think? I've been feeding Turmeric to my horses for the past 6 months and the changes are brilliant. I always used to worry about there coats being dull in the winter but ever since feeding Turmeric I've never had to worry about there coat or condition.
I have also seen a reduction in stiffness from my horses and they seem to be much happier if having been stuck in because of the bad weather. Many companies produce Turmeric however I have been feeding the equine America version. Which is ready mixed with Linseed meal to provide Omega 3 and, combined with Calcium and Vitamin E. Equine America Turmeric is not messy, ready to use and fully balanced. The ingredients used help with maximum absorption, therefore making it great value for money.
The active ingredient in turmeric is called curcumin and it is this specific phytochemical that is known for its effectiveness in treating a variety of conditions. The only criticism I have for this supplement is quite a large amount has to be fed to big horses, which I struggle with as one of my horses is a fussy eater. To help prevent him not eating his feed I add dollop of Molasses. However overall I highly rate this product and would never look back again.
I rate this product 8/10. Attached is a picture is one of my horses in January after being on the supplement 4 months. Do you feed Turmeric and what do you rate the supplement?
See you on the next blog. Ellie x


10th February: Sealskinz Set the Standard!




  • Totally waterproof

  • Lightweight

  • Comfortable

  • Breathable

  • Excellent value for money



  • Some designs maybe slightly bulky for some people's riding preference

  • Sizes tend to be on the small side

Well where do I start... After a busy week doing my mocks this was just the thing to make me happy when playing with the ponies on the cold nights after school. Warm hands. Ahhhhhh! There's lots of choice when it comes to gloves and it's quite a task to find a pair that has kept my hands warm and dry but flexible enough to ride in. And I've found just the pair! For a couple of weeks now I have been riding and carrying out yard duties in the "Ladies Performance Competition Riding Gloves" they have done exactly as the packaging states, from stable chores to riding these gloves have proved to be a class act!


I have never had cold hands since and they have kept my hands toasty whilst riding. Cold hands no more! You don't need to take them off whilst filling buckets of water or soaking hay either as they are fully waterproof. How fantastic, don't you think? With great insulation, they are lightweight and breathable and have curved fingers to give the best fit. As they are made specific for girls/ ladies the sizes are slimmer around the wrist and palm. Just in case you don't know your glove size, to get this right, you measure around your knuckles of your writing hand. The size you measure is your glove size. If you measure 8" like me then you are a large. Being told by glove experts, that if your gloves are too tight this might make your hands feel cold, so if your not sure you should go up a size. Are you gloves to tight? You can either check out the size chart below or pop into the Hope Valley store to try them on.

Size Guide:
XS    S    M    L    XL
   5    6     7    8    9
As a very busy teenager a great feature of these gloves is the material on them allowed me to continue to use my phone and the Internet without having to take them off which by the way is a must. It's a good job they are also machine washable as after a few weeks work, they were starting to get a bit smelly. They washed well and I have continued to dunk them in water everyday to test they are still waterproof. Chatting to my friends online and at the stables, they too have all rated Sealskinz gloves highly. I chose the Performance Competition Gloves as they seemed less bulky than some of the other designs however they still all look like great gloves. Sealskinz also offer what looks to be like a great range of gloves. Have you ever had any? What are your opinions on them? My hands will never have to suffer again! It's been a pleasure to try this quality product which has proved rugged and flexible for all my horsey needs and represents excellent value for money from Hope Valley Saddlery.
See you on the next blog! Ellie x

23rd January 2017: Welcome to Ellie's Blog!

Hello Everyone!

I have been given a fantastic opportunity to become Hope Valley's new blogger.

Throughout the up and coming months during my blogs I will be keeping you up to date with the latest products on the market, giving some of these products a go and letting you know my thoughts as well as letting you be the first to know about special offers, competitons and amazing deals!

A little bit about me and my four legged friends... This year will be a busy one for me, as well as my exams, I will be out completing with both my horses. Gambler in HOYS and RIHS whp classes as well as lots of Dressage, Pony Club and ODEs and Remy who I do British Dressage with, aiming to qualify for the Regionals and Nationals. Fingers crossed!!

I hope you will enjoy reading my blogs as much as I will writing them. Feel free to ask me any questions and let me know if there are any particular products you are interested in finding a bit more about and I will do my best!!

So first up, just what everyone needs in these chilly tempetures... Sealskinz Gloves! I'm going to put a pair of Performance Competition Riding Gloves to the test this week, keep an eye on the Hope Valley Facebook pages for my next blog and see if they did keep my hands warm and dry!

From Ellie 

(And here's a couple of pictures of me and my beautiful Boys!)

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